VicRoads hazards test FINALLY updated
News / By , 26 February 2020 at 12:16pm
VicRoads' notoriously outdated hazard perception test is finally getting a facelift.

The computerised test, which must be passed by all learner drivers before taking their practical test, asks subjects to click a mouse when certain actions are to be taken in a video driving scenario.

Scenarios might ask learners to identify risky situations, decide when to brake or change lanes, or make any other on-road decision.

The present test has been in place since 2001 and is, well, dated to say the least. Low resolution and frame rates you could probably count on one hand make for a very unrealistic and sometimes confusing experience. Here’s a look for those who haven’t taken the test, or a reminder for those who’ve blocked out the experience:

Above: The 2001 test. Images from VicRoads website.

The new test, unveiled today by Minister for Roads, Road Safety and the TAC Jaala Pulford, is Very 2020.

Proper frame rates, sound, new driving scenarios, and the fact the new test is animated stand out the most. Here’s part of a demo video provided to MelMag by a state government spokesperson:

See the full demo video on our Facebook page

Rollout of the new test across the state is starting immediately and will take a few weeks, starting with the newly opened Deer park License Testing Centre.

MelMag can also confirm the following details about the new test:

Victoria’s first hazards perception test was first introduced in 1996.

Have you taken the new test or have memories of the old one? Let us know in the comments below!

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