Victoria earthquake: Magnitude 5.8 recorded near Mansfield
News / By , 22 September 2021 at 9:40am
Another shaky day in Victoria – this time literally.

Article updated 10.30am with new information on magnitude and aftershock

Geoscience Australia’s earthquake map is reporting a magnitude 6.0 5.8 earthquake was recorded near Mansfield at 9.15am.

A magnitude 4.0 aftershock nearby was recorded at 9.33am.

The quake was felt across the state, with social media users reporting their houses shaking violently and items being broken.

Location and recorded magnitude may change as information is assessed.

Did you feel the quake? Let us know and where you’re from in the comments below.

On Sunday a smaller magnitude 2.6 tremor was recorded near Threadbo Village on the Victoria/NSW border.

More to come. Follow us to keep updated.

Map from Geoscience Australia.

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