Full Fleshed’s breathtaking debut single launch
Entertainment / By , 20 October 2023 at 4:56pm
Melbourne darkwave/goth duo Full Fleshed capped a breathtaking show at Thornbury's Cafe Gummo with the launch of 'revenge anthem' Haus of Flesh.

This gallery and review is from Full Fleshed’s single launch on 22 July 2023.

Opening with cascading electronic drums and ethereal synths which hung thick in the air, Full Fleshed wove a seamless set which guided the room through a deeply introspective journey.

The opening 25 minutes was an ebb and flow between sharp drums, swelling synths and lyrics dripping in reverb. Vocalist Kris Iliopoulos (she/they) and programmer Tom Bridges (they/them) draw you in with a live sound which is haunting but punchy. It’s all-consuming.

Ahead of their final tracks the duo paused and, after applause, redirected their sound to something more defined. Where the set had felt like one narrative until now, these songs stood independently.

The closer was new single Haus of Flesh, which is described by Kris and Tom as “a revenge anthem against men who abuse their power; for in turn, we will prove ourselves to be the most powerful in our rage”.

With a strong bassline, brighter vocals and a more traditional structure, Haus of Flesh had the audience dancing. You can hear the single here.

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