Nervous Tension launch ‘Plunge’ @ The Retreat
Entertainment / By , 14 July 2023 at 5:36pm
"Plunge", the debut single from new Melbourne noise punks Nervous Tension, is an experience.

What is maybe most unexpected about the song (which you can hear in the embed below the gallery) is how differently it hits in person compared to streaming.

NT’s live act is intense yet charismatic. Drummer Prince looks at their kit with wide-eyed joy and occasional flashes of fierce contempt, crafting a relentless form over which guitarists El and Fin guide distortion-laden riffs. El joins bassist Krishan to deliver the band’s raw, often-visceral lead vocals.

The resulting sound is, fittingly, one of tension; be it vocalists trading lines in the same song, the sudden pull of riffs in distinct new directions, or the band’s frequently anxious edge which is given immediate release when experienced live.

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Plunge – and the rest of the setlist – were clearly an outlet for many in the audience, with an energetic dance floor opening up early in the set.

Nervous Tension is a big leap from the more subdued post-punk of Pleasure Symbols, whose members make up a chunk of Tension’s line-up.

Plunge will feature on upcoming EP “Dosage”. In the meantime you can check out BUGHUNT, who recently launched their debut EP “Malingering” at Old Bar. I’m half way through editing pics from that gig – subscribe for email updates to get the link.

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