Worker & Parasite @ Shotkickers, 13 April 2023
Entertainment / By , 19 April 2023 at 11:51pm
Band/political movement Worker & Parasite's latest action was a high-energy address at Thornbury's Shotkickers.

If you spin ‘Live at HUM‘, the Melbourne art punk outfit’s most recent release, you can catch a glimpse of their performance strength. Punchy vocals and tightly structured sound are delivered with the precision of the band’s studio recordings, but room is found for live flair and an irresistible presence which draws the crowd in.

Playing to W&P’s musical structure was Shotkickers’ lighting control, which kept well in time with the performance and amplified the impact of the band’s choreography.

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Alright, now for the photos. Roughly two thirds of these are snapped on lenses about to reach their 40th birthday! You really don’t need autofocus to have a good time. Click/tap an image to open the gallery view.

Photos: Emily Kulich

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